Why should I purchase from SkyRidge Designs?

People choose to purchase and wear our clothes for many reasons. SkyRidge Designs specializes in custom clothing pieces designed for the needs of the wearer. We speak to our clients to learn their favorite styles, colors, textures, and needs. Numerous books, magazines, photos, movies and other sources can provide inspiration. 

In the past we have helped brides create the gown they dream of, have helped coordinate entire wedding parties, have provided re-enactors with functional clothing, and have costumed entire theatrical productions. 

Theatrical performers, merchants, and others frequently participating in historical events and faires find the garments well made and ready to withstand frequent use and washings.  Plus, items can be made with concealed pockets, fastenings, and supports as needed



How do I order?

Most of our work is done by custom order.  Although it is easier to work with you in person (we are in the Dallas metroplex), we can also have discussions by phone and email.  We will discuss your garments, designing them and making sure they fit your needs.  We have thousands of pictures of clothing (photos, historical artwork, books) and over a thousand different sewing patterns, to help inspire your choices. 

We will take your measurements, discuss fabrics and trims, and agree on a delivery date. After these decisions have been made, we will estimate a price for you.  Generally, we request a deposit of 50% of the estimated price to begin work on the item.  The remainder is due prior to final delivery of the garments.



Do I have to take my clothes off for fittings?


Maybe.  It depends on what types of garments you are ordering.  The fit of the clothing or corset depends on the accuracy of the measurements.  But, not all measurements are required for all garments.  For example, fittings for a made to measure corset are more extensive than measurements for a petticoat.


If you are going to be measured by a member of the opposite sex, we insist that another person be present as a chaperone.  This chaperone can be someone who comes with you or we can arrange the fitting for a time when we can provide one.


Why are all the prices "depending on fabric and trims selected?"


We confess...we love fabric.  So, we spend a lot of time looking through the shelves of our wholesalers, distributers, and other suppliers.  When we find a great fabric at a great price, we buy it.  This means we often buy discounted, close-out, or discontinued fabrics and trims.  By doing this, we can pass these savings on to you. 


Additionally, some fabrics simply cost more than others.  A gown of cotton will always be more economical than a gown of velvet.


Details of garments can be very different.  For instance, peasant wear can be very simple with few trims.  Nobility or royal garments can be heavily embroidered or trimmed with actual gemstones and precious metal beads.  Naturally, these decisions affect the final price of the clothing.



So how do you figure prices?


Unless other agreements have been made, prices reflect the cost of materials plus an hourly rate for making/modifying patterns and for garment construction.  Most construction is priced at $20/hr.  Some advanced techniques are $30/hr. 


We will estimate what we believe material and construction costs will be.  This estimate may change based on decisions or changes you make about your garment during the construction and fittings.  


Deposit:  If your garment is estimated to cost less than $750, a 50% deposit will be required to begin work.  If your garment is estimated over $750, a 33% deposit will be required.  This deposit is non-refundable once work on your garment has been started.  The balance is due prior to delivery of your clothing.


Payment:  Payments arrangements can be discussed.  We accept cash (at shows or in person), checks, Mastercard, and Visa. 



Can you add Embroidery to my garment?


Of course we can add embroidery to embellish your garments.  Most embroidery needs to be done early during the garment's construction, especially when being added to collars and cuffs.


Hand embroidery and other hand embellishments (such as beading or adding sequins) are charged at the same hourly rate at the rest of the garment's construction.


Machine embroidery pricing depends on whether we already have access to the design and how large/complex the design will be.



What is filigree?


Filigree is a term used for a small decorative piece of metal.  These pieces are often used when making jewelry. 


However, we have discovered that using filigree, along with beads, gems, and other trim, makes a beautiful finishing touch on many garments. 


Because these metal pieces come in a variety of finishes (silver, brass, antique gold, etc) and because they come in many sizes and shapes, the designs that can be made are endless.



What is boning? What kinds of boning do you use?


Boning is a term for various items used to stiffen garments or help give them shape.  Some garments, such as corsets, need significant structure and stiffness.  Therefore they would use more boning (and a different type) than many other garments. 


From Left to Right:

     * 1/4" Spiral Steel

     * 1/2" Spiral Steel

     * 1/4" Plastic Boning & Casing (Lightweight)

         * 1/2" Heavy Plastic Boning

     * 1/2" Steel Boning 

     * Corset Busk 



Spiral Steel has a little flex in each direction, so we recommend it for corsets and bodices for active people, such as those in equestrian or fighting events. The next boning shown is lightweight 1/4" plastic boning is found many fabric shops; but it is too light for most costuming needs. However it is occasionally used for shaping bodices on modern garments. 


The 1/2" heavy plastic and steel boning each have the advantage of only flexing one direction (lengthwise) and provides very strong support.   There are also advantages to plastic boning if you intend to wash your garment frequently.





I absolutely must have it by this weekend...can you help?

Maybe...Although we specialize in made to measure pieces, we also have a variety of garments that have been used by models, theater groups, and as displays for shows.  We have also opened an Etsy shop which will have items that are ready-to-ship.  Sometimes, one of these items will meet your needs.


If you must have a custom made piece in a short time, you should call to discuss options.  Sometimes our schedule allows for rush jobs, sometimes it does not.  Also, a rush job may require you to be available for several hours on a single day for multiple, consecutive fittings in order to have the garment completed when needed.

Why is the price on the website different from what you quoted me?"

These are examples of custom-made items we have created in the past.  Prices given are examples of what the item cost at the time it was made.  Please realize that many of the fabrics are no longer available or the cost of some supplies may have changed dramatically over the years.  But, we wanted to give you some starting points for your designs and help you determine if a garment style is in your budget. Please realize that there are ways to "cut the fat" and ways to "go all out," when designing an outfit. 

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

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