Whether influenced by books, movies, artwork, or your own imagination, let us help make your custom designed idea a reality.  If you have a design already in your head (or better yet, on paper!) or whether you just have a general idea (maybe an Italian Gentry), this is your chance to help design your own, distinct outfit.  The photos below are a sampling of custom outfits we have done in the past.  There are also sections with photos of design options so we can know that we are speaking the same language when we talk (after all, there are lots of "black skirts" but they don't all look the same!).   Don't worry if you don't see the exact thing you imagine, it may just mean we haven't photographed it yet!
Look at various listings to get ideas for budgeting.  Custom work is priced based on the cost of materials plus an hourly fee for sewing.  So...if you ask us to hand embroidery your outfit, we can do that...but it adds to the number of hours spent on your outfit.  If you want to use specialty fabric (such as replicas of historic fabrics), they usually have a premium cost.   When we order supplies for your outfits, you can let us know if you want extra.  (For instance, some couples get a few extra yards of fabric in case they want to add pieces later.  Others ask for extra buttons so they can be used on their hats, pouches, etc.)    










More photos describing various components of outfits will be added here...keep checking back.


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